BAP1 - Banc de Jardin Tour d Arbre avec Demi Parasol

Dimensions: H2700 x D2680

What could be more exciting and spectacular than combining the garden furniture with the nature?

A tree deserves around its trunk something as beautiful as it and the bank made of wrought iron can only decorate your garden in the the most wonderful way. Not to mention that the attached to the bench parasol represents an essential element to fully enjoy fresh air while it protects you from the sun.

It is handcrafted of wrought iron by the the skilful hands of the blacksmith, the assembling  is made by riveting and as the original product the feet are made of cast iron in the shape of a horse's hoof.

Let yourself be delighted by the unique atmosphere of the antiquity!


Green Antique green White Antique withe
Rusty finish Gray Red Antique red


On request any RAL color



Natural antique appearance